Sustainability Report 2017

Waste management

Waste volumes generated

Engineering and services are the core of product portfolio. As a consequence, comparatively little waste will accumulate when we perform our tasks. Waste production other than from the usual office waste comes only from the production of components for industrial facilities.

It is important to us to use the materials we need as sparingly as possible and to avoid waste wherever we can. Our operating units therefore consider relevant disposal concepts already in the planning of the use of materials. Our Group-wide procurement policy requires that environmental aspects, including waste management, be taken into consideration in the procurement of materials.

We register the waste created in our company units with the help of a Group-wide software. As a result of our strategic repositioning and the sale of various business units, we are currently not in a position to provide valid data on the amounts of waste we have generated at Group level.

How we want to achieve our goals

Our objective, from financial year 2018, is to be able to again report on the amount of waste we generate. To achieve this goal, we have launched a number of different initiatives that will lead to a consistent recording of data by the operating units and to an improvement in the quality of the data. On the basis of this central waste register, waste reduction measures will be developed and implemented throughout the Group in the years to follow.

Over the course of financial year 2018, plans call for the definition of global standards for waste management and to provide the operating units with recommendations for implementation in the form of “successful practices”.

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