Sustainability Report 2017

Customer satisfaction and quality

Why this topic is important to us

The satisfaction of our customers is absolutely vital to the development of our business. A major part of the orders we receive, the continuation and/or intensifying of cooperation and our economic success depend on customer satisfaction.

The quality of the services we provide is closely related to the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, the quality of our service provision is extremely important to the structure of our business model. We consistently align our range of services to the customers’ needs and provide customized service.

The concept we pursue

We maintain long-term relationships with most customers. We perform the largest part of our services directly on the premises of our customers. We thus experience our customers’ satisfaction directly. Furthermore, after the conclusion of every project, we survey the service recipients in personal discussions regarding their satisfaction.

Key account management in the operating units is responsible for the collection and further development of the customer satisfaction surveys. The results are stored in the Customer Relationship Management system. The Executive Board is informed of the customer satisfaction status multiple times per year by the Corporate .

We ensure the quality of our services through a comprehensive quality management system. It starts at the operating units, which are responsible for the quality of their products and services, and monitors these accordingly. They are supported by the quality management of the divisions as well as by Corporate HSEQ.

Quality management systems certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 are in place in around 73 percent of Bilfinger’s business units. Since 2015, Bilfinger has also had a cross-divisional matrix certificate which contributes to the assurance of uniform quality standards in the Group and now covers 42 locations in Europe. Our processes and units are audited and certified by external companies; we work closely with the German Society for Quality (DGQ), the European Organization for Quality and technical inspection associations.

System requirements and internal audits along with comprehensive training and education measures for quality assurance ensure that our high standards of quality are safeguarded and continuously developed.

Satisfaction values

The surveys and discussions with our customers regularly come to the conclusion that satisfaction with the quality we provide is particularly high. This applies to both our Engineering & Technologies and Maintenance, Modifications & Operations business segments.

Previously, the customer satisfaction surveys were completed in differing forms, which prevented the results obtained in Group companies from being pooled throughout the Group. For this reason, we will introduce software in 2018 intended to conduct standardized questionnaires regarding customer satisfaction for all Group companies. This solution, which is based on the concept, enables us to identify comparable and consistent customer satisfaction results both at the level of the operating companies as well as the divisions and throughout the Group.

Our goal is to further increase the satisfaction and quality of our services. In order to achieve this goal, we plan on expanding our range of sustainable industrial services as well as offering innovative future-oriented solutions (see sections Sustainable industrial services and Innovations). We maintain relationships with our clients using Customer Relationship Management systems (). In order to harmonize this with our operating units, we introduced a new cloud-based CRM software throughout the Group in 2017. Not only will this software allow us to look after our clients and care for them based on a uniform approach, it also offers numerous additional functions to better respond to our clients’ needs and increase our customer retention.

The risks we face

If customer satisfaction should decrease, this could have an immediate impact on our economic success. In order to counter this risk, we regularly carry out the customer satisfaction surveys described above and analyze these multiple times each year at the management level of the individual Group companies as well as in the Executive Board, while also deriving appropriate measures from them. We ensure the quality of our services through comprehensive quality management activities and certified quality management systems. Additional details concerning this can be found within the risk report of the Annual Report.

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