Sustainability Report 2017

Corporate citizenship

Why this topic is important to us

The economy and society have a mutual influence on each other. As a company, we benefit from good framework conditions that we encounter in society: a strong education system, stable political processes, a healthy environment, and social balance. For these reasons, we believe it is important to make contributions to the establishment and/or maintenance of good social framework conditions.

For us, corporate citizenship activities also serve as key measures to increase awareness of the company, positively influence our reputation and to create opportunities for dialogue with those stakeholder groups that we do not communicate with on a regular basis. Among the objectives of our social commitment are also a greater degree of employee retention and attracting motivated high performers. We therefore hope that our social commitment also generates impetus for our entrepreneurial activities.

From refugee to apprentice

Opportunity for job qualification

“I’m hoping for a better life in the future – and that I can successfully complete my apprenticeship as an electrician for information and systems technology”, says Morteza Hatami. The young refugee from Afghanistan, who because of the Taliban was no longer able to attend school in his home village, is currently doing an apprenticeship at Bilfinger GreyLogix in Flensburg. Mahammad Ehsan Amini and Mohammad Hossiani, who fled from Iran, have found an entry into a job with Bilfinger GreyLogix. “We want to give these young people an opportunity and qualify them for a job”, says Jörg Gerke, personnel developer and training manager at Bilfinger GreyLogix.

From refugee to apprentice (photo)

The concept we pursue

We restructured our global donations and sponsoring strategy in 2017 and created binding criteria for the awarding of donations as well as the agreement of sponsoring activities for all Group units by means of a Group Policy. We undertake donations and sponsoring activities exclusively in the areas of education, community-social-environment as well as sports. Donations and sponsoring activities for political parties and political organizations of any kind, for individual persons or for commercial or profit oriented organizations have been forbidden. Financial contributions granted within the scope of donations or sponsoring activities may not be paid to a private bank account or handed over in cash.

All donations and sponsoring initiated by our Group units require the previous approval of the Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Bilfinger SE. The Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs evaluates the suitability of the requested donation or the requested sponsoring with our donations and sponsoring strategy and, if necessary, integrates Corporate Compliance in the decision. We review the reputation and integrity of each donation recipient and, in this regard, observe the requirements of our third-party guideline. Depending on the amount, it may also be necessary to obtain approvals from top management of the division and/or from the full Executive Board.

Company records and documentation for each donation granted and each sponsoring are maintained by the respective Group company. Corporate Communications & Public Affairs records all approved donations and sponsoring, undertakes regular reviews and reports to the Chairman of the Executive Board on a quarterly basis on all approved donations and sponsoring payments made up to the reporting date. In 2017, a new standardized process was developed which ensures, by means of a review by the Marketing department of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, that all donations and sponsoring activities are in line with the company strategy.

Perfection all round

600 footballs for children and young people

About 500 children and young people in more than 30 teams: The DJK Adler Union Essen-Fintrop football club offers young players many opportunities to let off steam, to test themselves against other clubs and to learn both team spirit and fairness. Bilfinger supported the youth department of the club in 2017 with the donation of 600 footballs.

600 footballs for children and young people (photo)

Scope of our donations and sponsoring activities

In 2017, the total volume of our donations and sponsoring activities was €318,595. These activities are divided as follows into the areas of education, community-social-environment as well as sports:

Expenditures for donations and sponsoring

in euros


















Expenditures for donations and sponsoring
Expenditures for donations and sponsoring (pie chart (switch))

Our Group Policy forbids donations to political organizations or parties. Accordingly, the total monetary value of all party donations in financial year 2017 was €0.

How we counter risks

Corporate citizenship activities can have both a positive and a negative effect on the reputation of an organization. Donations and sponsoring activities can also be accompanied by corruption risks. With our Group Policy “Donations for Charitable Purposes and Sponsoring”, we have undertaken a comprehensive set of measures to minimize possible risks that could arise for us and others from our social commitment.