Sustainability Report 2017

Employer attractiveness

In order to retain our employees and attract qualified new employees, we want to be an attractive employer. We create a working environment in which our employees can contribute and develop their skills and where they receive the level of support necessary to perform with passion and with an orientation toward results. Our corporate culture emerges in a working environment such as this, an environment that reflects the high tempo and the global requirements of the working world and that supports innovations, cooperation and an orientation toward results.

In surveys from various institutes on employer attractiveness in Germany, we achieve assessments that are slightly above-average. In the trendence Graduate Barometer 2017, for example, Bilfinger was in 41st place among the top 100 employers for engineers and in the Universum survey was at 33rd place among the most popular employers for engineers. In the “Industrial Services” sector, we were even ranked first in the trendence survey of young professionals.

These strong rankings serve as an incentive to further increase our employer attractiveness. In this regard, we see in particular work-life balance, health management, remuneration and additional benefits, employee representation and employee development as key levers.

Top employer

Good grades for Bilfinger

In employer rankings, Bilfinger has been achieving good results for many years. Bilfinger enjoys an outstanding reputation as an employer, particularly among young people with an interest in engineering careers. In a survey from trendence, Europe’s leading research institute in the area of employer branding, personnel marketing and recruiting, Bilfinger was ranked 62nd in 2017 among the young professionals and 1st in the “Engineering services and construction” industry.

Work-life balance

Compatibility between career and family is one of our Group-wide objectives. Our operating units, which are responsible to implementation of our HR standards, therefore offer a range of working time models as well as home-office possibilities. Many of these go well beyond the legally-defined solutions. At our corporate headquarters and in a number of Group companies, the Works Council and the Executive Board have agreed on a trust-based flextime model. According to this model, employees are not required to clock in and clock out, and instead record their working hours themselves.

In 2017, 3.1 percent of our employees Group-wide availed themselves of the opportunity to work part-time. The details of such part-time work are agreed individually by the employees and their line manager. Employees who work part-time enjoy proportionate entitlements to the employee benefits.

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Employees by part-time employment
Employees by part-time employment (pie chart (switch))

In terms of maternity leave and parental leave, our offerings are oriented toward the statutory regulations which, when needed, are expanded through additional arrangements that benefit employees.

Health management

We see a direct connection between the measures that are taken to promote the health and well-being of our employees and our economic success. For this reason, we invest in a broad range of measures related to the health of our employees. Health management at Bilfinger comprises company sports activities, medical checkups and occupational health checks, seminars on stress management and healthy lifestyle seminars in the relevant age groups and the integration of the topic of health in management seminars. At various entities, special Health Days are organized with various programs that serve to raise employees’ awareness for a healthy lifestyle.

Health checks for executives have also been in high demand. These checkups, which have been given the motto “sustained high performance,” combine long-term ECGs with workshops providing more in-depth training on stress and resource management as well as individual coaching.

In 2017, about 280 employees and their families signed up for the “Fit & Healthy” fitness program and have been using gyms, health studios, and swimming pools in Germany and Austria, with which Bilfinger has signed cooperation agreements offering very favorable terms to its employees. Many of our Group locations also organize sports groups that are supported by the company through the provision of trainers and premises.

We cooperate closely with the trade associations and health insurance funds that supplement the measures in place in our corporation by a comprehensive range of training courses, presentations, workplace programs and examinations.

Remuneration and additional benefits

The Bilfinger remuneration system is geared towards the requirements of the position, individual performance, the conditions and competition in the local market as well as pay scale agreements. We make sure that factors such as gender or age are not used as the basis for unfair remuneration.

Managers and employees in key positions are usually paid variable remuneration in addition to their fixed salary as a means of honoring their extraordinary commitment. The variable component is geared towards business development, key performance indicators and the employee’s contribution to achieving agreed targets.

In financial year 2017, Bilfinger granted its managers a one-time long-term remuneration in the form of shares. This is closely linked to the corporate strategy and, over the four-year period until 2020, recognizes the creation of a strong foundation for profitable growth at Group level.

Detailed information on the remuneration system for members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board can be found in the Annual Report.

Bilfinger offers its employees various possibilities for company pension plans. In many cases, it consists of two components in Germany: in the case of an employer-funded pension plan, the employer pays a fixed annual amount into each employee’s pension account or an insurance product in addition to the employee’s salary. In terms of the employee-financed pension plan, employees select a portion of their salary to be added to their pension account or an insurance product.

In 2010, Bilfinger set up a hardship fund to offer quick and non-bureaucratic support to employees who find themselves in an emergency. A committee made up of members of the Group Works Council decides on the fund’s allocation.

Employee representation

The rights of the employees and the statutory rights of employees to have a say are highly valued at Bilfinger. Management and employee representatives maintain an intensive and regular dialog. The members of the Works Council are involved in staffing decisions and also where economic matters are concerned. Collective agreements made apply to all employees within the scope of the agreed area of application.

The local Works Councils safeguard the interests of our employees. They represent employees’ rights in dealings with those responsible for local companies and with the management of the Bilfinger subsidiaries. Matters that are relevant for an entire division or segment are dealt with in the divisional or segmental works councils.

Topics that affect all Group units in Germany are discussed in the Group Works Council; topics that are relevant to several EU countries are handled by the Bilfinger SE Works Council. The responsibilities of the SE Works Council also include the nomination of employee representatives for the Supervisory Board which, in accordance with the German Co-Determination Act, has equal representation.