Sustainability Report 2017

Respect, appreciation
and service mentality

Adele Kraft likes to laugh and enjoys dealing with people. The practical woman in the reception area at Bilfinger Westcon says of herself: “I love my job. It’s a lot of fun giving customers the feeling that they’re welcome at Bilfinger Westcon and that we’re happy they are visiting us.”

“Dignity, respect and politeness are the conditions for a positive and constructive atmosphere for talks.”

Adele Kraft Front Desk Receptionist, Bilfinger Westcon

Customers react very positively to the heartfelt reception that begins when they step through the front door at Bilfinger Westcon. “My experience has shown very clearly that when you treat other people with dignity, respect and politeness, you can establish a much better relationship with them – no matter if you meet them in person or just talk to them on the phone. This helps tremendously in developing a positive and constructive atmosphere from the very start”, says Adele Kraft.

Mark C. Peterson
CEO Bilfinger Westcon

“The growth we have received over the course of decades is based on relatively simple principles”, says Mark C. Peterson, CEO of Bilfinger Westcon. “For each project we ensure the highest possible degree of occupational safety, excellent project management, solution-oriented thinking and acting, qualified personnel and a strict orientation on customer satisfaction. In addition to specialist expertise, all of this requires a strong service mentality and an appreciation of the customers’ needs. And the customer should encounter this appreciation the second he walks through our door.”