Sustainability Report 2017

Setting an example

What does integrity mean for me? What do I do to meet these standards? Laurie Waddy Franke, Head of Group Compliance at Bilfinger, believes that this is a question all employees should ask themselves again and again. “Only when my behaviour is in line with my own values and the values of my company, when I act and make decisions in the interest of Bilfinger and assume responsibility for my behaviour do I truly act with integrity. If this is too abstract, then try to answer the the following question: Would it be acceptable for me if my friends and family were to read about what I did in a newspaper?”

“Information and communication are of utmost importance for ensuring that acting with integrity becomes a natural instinct.”

Laurie Waddy Franke Head of Group Compliance

Compliance is of tremendous importance at Bilfinger. Misconduct can have far-reaching consequences for the company’s reputation of for the order situation of the Group. For this reason, a comprehensive compliance program was developed last year that aims to prevent compliance violations, detect misconduct at an early stage and, once such misconduct has been identified, to respond quickly and consistently.

The 10 Golden Compliance Rules

The 10 Golden Compliance Rules are based on the Bilfinger Code of Conduct, which provides binding guidelines for our actions. They will contribute towards ensuring that employees know how to act with integrity in their daily work.

The foundation for integrity-based behaviour at Bilfinger is the Bilfinger Code of Conduct, which is binding for all employees worldwide. It is supplemented by company policies that contain rules for compliant behaviour in special working situations. A Compliance Help Desk helps employees make the right decision in cases of doubt and a whistleblower system allows employees and external third parties to report possible violations.

“A compliance infrastructure of this nature is absolutely vital for the implementation of compliance-based behaviour. Even more important, however, is to ensure employees are constantly sensitized through trainings, Golden Rules, intranet articles and much more. Acting with integrity must become a natural instinct – and that can only work through an extensive program of information and communication”, says Laurie Waddy Franke.