Sustainability Report 2017

Everyone must assume responsibility

June 5 is World Environment Day. In 2017 the motto for the day of action initiated by the United Nations was “Connecting People to Nature”.

Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East took part in the event by encouraging its employees to spend the day in the great outdoors – to experience its beauty and importance first hand. At the same time the “Plant Challenge” also started on this day. This “challenge”, which was developed by the environmental ambassadors from Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East, draws attention to the fact that all people are responsible for our planet. The idea: Employees give a gift of a plant to their colleagues who should then plant them and then give another plant to a different person.

World Environment Day

The World Environment Day (WED) was proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Program for the first time on June 5, 1972 at the opening of the World Environmental Conference in Stockholm. Since then, it has been celebrated annually and is a key medium for the UN to raise global awareness and call for action on the problems faced by the environment. More than 100 countries now participate each year.

The World Environment Day also served as the starting signal for three competitions organized around the “Connecting People to Nature” motto.

  • Share your click with nature: All employees were asked to upload a photograph to the Internet that is connected to nature on one way or another.
  • Let me draw the nature’s connection: Children of employees were invited to draw World Environment Day-themed pictures.
  • Best out of Waste: Employees were asked to present ideas on how everyday garbage can be transformed into a useful product.

“Who is going to look
after the environment
if not us?”

Shermin Shali Manager Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East

“That was a very impressive and instructive week”, says Shermin Shali, Manager Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment at Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East. “It was very interesting to experience how the colleagues thought about the motto of the World Environment Day and developed so many great ideas. And the week also made us proud that we able to generate such impetus and to deal with issues of such import. In my view, it is important that we all ask ourselves: What do I do to ensure that our environment is maintained? And if not us: Who else is going to look after the environment?”