Sustainability Report 2017

Material aspects

We orient ourselves to the principle of materiality for the implementation of our sustainability activities. This principle also defines the structure and substance of this report.

Due to the strategic repositioning of our Group in the spring of 2017, we carried out a new in the course of the financial year. Here, we critically examined previously defined key areas of activity regarding their relevance to the success of our company. The result of these discussions was that new weighting and definition of some aspects needed to be undertaken. At the conclusion of this re-prioritization process in summer 2017, an online-based stakeholder survey took place involving all of our stakeholder groups.

The materiality matrix developed from internal discussions and the stakeholder survey contains the following: Our key areas of activity in the “economy” category are sustainable industrial services (previously referred to as “energy and process efficiency services”), customer satisfaction and quality, innovations, sustainable supply chain management (new), compliance and equal opportunity. Material aspects for us in the area of “social aspects” are the topics of employer attractiveness (new), professional development, occupational safety and corporate citizenship (previously referred to as “social responsibility”). Energy consumption and emissions as well as waste management and water count among the ecologically relevant sustainability areas for us.

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Materiality matrix (graphic)
Materiality analysis
Determination of the sustainability topics that are of significance for a company
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