Sustainability Report 2018

Taking a virtual tour with “Industrial 360”

Our new ‘Industrial 360’ process enables us to turn industrial plants into a digital experience,” says Marc-Jan Backer of Bilfinger Digital Next. “This new method allows our customers and us to take a virtual tour through the digitally mapped industrial plant while selecting from among various perspectives. We can navigate through the facility, zoom in on individual subsystems and components, and take an exact, detailed look at the conditions prevailing on site.”

This tool, which is being deployed by Bilfinger Tebodin, is similar to Google’s “Street-View” technology: The facilities are captured in photo-realistic high definition (4K) and the resulting visual data are coupled with 3D point data from the location. A corresponding software allows the user to navigate through the plant, of which it provides a three-dimensional presentation.

“Industrial 360”

It gives fast, user-friendly and very cost-effective insight in the present plant situation

“Industrial 360” – IGR Bilfinger MMO

“Thanks to this solution, it has become much easier and less time-consuming to plan maintenance work or conversion and expansion measures,” according to Mr. Backer. “We can now verify the actual conditions on site, perform calculations, and review the feasibility of alternatives, all without leaving our desks. We can use the tool to train our colleagues and to quickly notify all parties involved in the planning process about the situation given on-site. This makes for substantial costs savings and a better basis for planning.”

Plans are in place gradually to supplement “Industrial 360” with additional functions. This will include linking it up with video segments (Industrial Tube®), with plant diagrams (PIDGraph®), and with other engineering and maintenance data. Users will be able to directly access and inspect these data by clicking on the corresponding location in the virtual visualization.