Sustainability Report 2018

Networked for the future: BCAP®

Higher efficiency, fewer shutdown periods, lower maintenance costs – the digitalization of industrial plants harbors huge opportunities. Yet many plant operators are still reluctant to embrace the numerous benefits of comprehensive digitalization. This is because they either lack the necessary know-how, are unable to assess the complexity of the measures involved, or have concerns regarding the high initial investment.

With its tool Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP®), Bilfinger has developed a modular digitalization solution that provides the operators of industrial plants (particularly small to mid-sized enterprises) with easy and reliable access to digitalization. At the heart of the solution is a cloud-based platform where all the data pertaining to a plant’s engineering, operations, and maintenance are compiled. This includes, for example, data obtained from the process-control system, from production planning or from sensors that continually track the condition of individual components.

“By combining and analyzing these data, it is possible to gain new insights and, as a consequence, to obtain far better information for the control and operation of industrial plants,” says Franz Braun, Bilfinger’s Chief Digital Officer. “For example, we are able to predict potential disruptions at an earlier time and more reliably than before and to reduce the number of unscheduled shutdowns. At the same time, the efficiency of the plant as a whole is enhanced.”

The aim of BCAP® is to make industrial plants fit for the digital future, and that in the near term. The various elements of BCAP® can be implemented within the space of six months, meaning that palpable results are achieved quickly. As a general rule, the capital invested for this purpose is amortized within the first year.

“Our concept is unique in the industry. It offers small and mid-sized companies in particular an easy path to the Industry 4.0 era”

Franz Braun, Chief Digital Officer Bilfinger

“Our palette of services ranges from consulting and digital networking to the analysis and optimization of plants on the basis of intelligent data analysis,” according to Braun. “We create ‘digital twins,’ implement modern dashboards for production and maintenance, and also offer ‘as-a-service’ models. This allows our customers to tie in their plants with a modern, industrial internet-of-things platform.”