Sustainability Report 2018

About this report

Reporting period

The present Sustainability Report covers the period from January until December 2018; the particulars provided correspond to the status quo effective as of December 31, 2018. Any instances in which a different reporting period/date governs have been identified in the Report.

We publish our Sustainability Report once a year. The Report for the previous year was published on April 16, 2018.

Content of the report

This report has been prepared in accordance with the Standards: Core option. The presentation of the report content is aligned with the principles defined under the GRI Standards: stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality, and completeness; we also followed the principles for defining report quality: accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, reliability, and timeliness.

The information primarily is based on data that are regularly collected throughout the corporate Group. However, given the Group’s decentralized organizational structure and the various aspects specific to certain countries, it is possible at present to provide comprehensive information on all of the performance indicators called for by the GRI.

Scope and boundaries of the report

The report encompasses both of Bilfinger’s two service lines as well as all fully consolidated enterprises of the Bilfinger Group.

Relative to the Report published for the previous year, no major changes have arisen with regard to its scope and the boundaries of the aspects addressed. However, the Bilfinger Sustainability Network decided in the course of the reporting year that the topics of “Energy Consumption and Emissions,” “Waste Management,” and “Water,” which had been classified as material aspects until 2017, no longer constitute core action areas of Bilfinger’s sustainability strategy. For a more detailed discussion of this topic, please see the Section entitled “Sustainability Management/Material Aspects.”

The Sustainability Report is published in German and English.

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