Sustainability Report 2018

Non-Financial Group Declaration

The present Sustainability Report includes the Non-Financial Group Declaration of the Bilfinger Group. The contents of this Non-Financial Group Declaration have been incorporated into the following chapters of the Sustainability Report:

Non-Financial Group Declaration

Business model:


Company profile

Employee-related matters:


Employee development, Occupational safety

Respect for human rights:


Sustainable supply chain management

Anti-corruption and bribery matters:



Other aspects:


Customer satisfaction & quality

The topics covered by the Non-Financial Group Declaration have been separately marked in the Sustainability Report. Environmental matters and social matters do not exhibit any material significance, either in terms of their impacts or as concerns their relevance to our business performance; accordingly, they have not been addressed in the Non-Financial Group Declaration.

We have not identified any risks entailed by the relevant aspects that would be subject to disclosure requirements.

We have oriented our reporting by the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (), taking this as our framework. The Non-Financial Group Declaration was audited by the auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) in the form of a (PDF:) Limited Assurance Review.

Global Reporting Initiative
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