Sustainability Report 2018

Corporate citizenship

Why this topic is important to us

Social conditions influence economic conditions and vice versa. As a company, we benefit from favorable social framework conditions such as a strong educational system, stable political processes, a livable environment, and a just social equilibrium. Which is why we consider it important to contribute to the creation and preservation of positive social framework conditions.

But we also see our activities as corporate citizen as important ways to raise the recognition of our brand, to help shape our reputation, and to open up opportunities for dialogue with stakeholder groups with whom we do not regularly communicate. The objectives of our civic engagement also include reinforcing our ability to retain our employees and to attract high achievers. Inasmuch, we hope that our civic engagement will also provide us with new impulses and ideas that will prove useful for our business activities.

Our concept

As part of the overhaul of our worldwide charitable donation and sponsorship strategy in 2017, we adopted a Group Policy that imposes binding criteria for donations and the conclusion of sponsorship agreements upon all units of our Group. The Policy stipulates that donations and sponsorship activities are permissible only if they are in line with our Group-wide donation and sponsorship strategy and also with Bilfinger’s Compliance Policies. Such activities must also be approved by a competent decision-making body in each case.

We confine our charitable and sponsorship activities exclusively to the areas of education / vocational training, cultural/social topics, and sports. Any donations, sponsorships or other emoluments that would benefit political organizations, government officials or customers of Bilfinger are prohibited. Monies granted as part of donations or sponsorship activities may not be wired to private accounts or handed over in cash.

Any donation and sponsorship activity must first be applied for with Bilfinger SE’s Corporate Communications & Public Affairs (C/CC) division, whereby the applicant must have vetted the reputation and integrity of the intended recipient and must have verified that the stipulations of Bilfinger’s Third-Party Guideline are fulfilled. All applications, regardless of the amount involved, must be approved by the Executive President and Finance Director of the respectively competent division.

The further steps of the approval process will depend on the amount involved:

  • Donations and sponsorships for less than € 5,000 must be approved by C/CC;
  • Donations and sponsorships for more than € 5,000 require additional approval from the Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO);
  • Donations and sponsorships for more than € 50,000 require additional approval from the entire Executive Board.

All donations and sponsorship payments must be documented properly and in sufficient detail. They must be settled in accordance with applicable accounting/bookkeeping regulations. The respective Group company must archive the records showing the services rendered and must document the value created by Bilfinger’s donation/sponsorship. This will include, amongst other things, photos of the brand-staging, screenshots of related webpages, and records of inquiries about products or services or, as the case may be, job applications received in connection with the event.

C/CC records all approved donations and sponsorships and creates a record of the relevant documentation in sufficient detail. C/CC also submits a quarterly report to the Executive Board of Bilfinger SE on all donations and sponsorship payments that have been approved up to the reporting date.

Scope of our donation and sponsorship activities

In 2018, our donation and sponsorship activities had a total value of € 172,640 (prior year: € 318,595), broken down as follows into the areas of education / vocational training, cultural/social topics, and sports:

Expenditures for donations and sponsorships















Cultural / social topics





Education / vocational training










Expenditures for donations and sponsorships
Expenditures for donations and sponsoring (pie chart (switch))

Our Group Policy prohibits donations and sponsorship activities for political organizations or parties. Accordingly, the total monetary value of all donations to political parties in the financial year 2018 was € 0.

We can


A system for the treatment of radioactive residues
HERMINE (photo)

HERMINE is a facility developed by Bilfinger Noell serving the treatment of radioactive wastes and residues. When the relevant materials arrive at the facility, they are first sorted, treated and, in an ideal situation, returned to the conventional resource cycle. Any remaining other waste materials are decontaminated as thoroughly as possible before being compacted. A wide range of differing processes is applied in order to perform all of the procedural steps, from selecting and decontaminating the materials up to packing and immobilizing them.