Sustainability Report 2018

Employer attractiveness

In order to retain our employees and to also attract qualified new hires, we work to continually improve our brand as an employer. We create a work environment allowing our employees to make a contribution and to grow in accordance with their abilities, where they receive the support they need to perform with passion and to focus on results. This is the environment that gives rise to our corporate culture, which takes account of the complexity, rapid pace, and global challenges of today’s working world while also fostering innovation, teamwork, integrity, and the achievement of results.

The surveys performed by various institutes on the attractiveness of employers in Germany have given us slightly above-average rankings. In 2018, for example, Bilfinger placed 71st among the country’s 100 top employers according to the trendence survey of young professionals. In the “engineering services” segment, the survey even ranked us in 3rd place.

These strong rankings are an incentive to further increase our attractiveness as an employer. Some of the key agenda points we have identified in this regard are work-life balance, health management, remuneration and ancillary benefits, employee representation, and professional growth.

Work-life balance

One of our Group-wide objectives is to ensure that a career is compatible with family life. Our operating units, which are responsible for implementing our HR standards, therefore offer models providing for flexible working hours and home office arrangements. Many of these actually extend above and beyond what is stipulated by law. At our corporate headquarters as well as in many of our Group companies, the Works Council and the Executive Board have agreed to put in place a trust-based flextime model. This means employees are not required to clock in and clock out, and instead keep their own records of hours worked.

In 2018, three percent of the Group-wide workforce took advantage of the option to work part-time. The details of such part-time employment are agreed individually by the employee and their line manager. Employees working part-time enjoy pro-rata entitlements to company benefits.

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Engineering & Technologies













Maintenance, Modifications & Operations













Other Operations












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Employees working part-time
Employees by part-time employment (pie chart (switch))

When it comes to looking after the needs of expectant mothers and parental leave, our programs conform to applicable statutory regulations. However, these can be supplemented as needed with additional arrangements to the benefit of the employee.

Health management

We are convinced that there is a direct connection between the way we promote the health and wellness of our employees and our economic success. As a consequence, we make it a point to invest in the health of our employees. Bilfinger’s health-management system encompasses company sports programs, medical check-ups and occupational health checks, seminars on stress management and on healthy living geared to the relevant age groups, as well as inclusion of the topic of health in executive seminars. Some of our operating locations offer “Health & Wellness” days with a range of programs to raise employees’ awareness of healthy lifestyle choices.

Our health checks for managers have proven highly popular as well. Performed under the motto “Nachhaltig leistungsfähig” (Fit to Go the Distance), these check-ups combine long-term ECG tests with voluntary workshops on stress and resource management plus individual coaching sessions.

Roughly 900 employees and their family members took part in our “Fit & Healthy” fitness program in 2018. In the process, they visited fitness and sports studios and/or swimming pool facilities in Germany and Austria with which Bilfinger had agreed highly favorable terms for its employees. By now, many of our operating locations even have their own in-house sports clubs, which the company supports by providing instructors and exercise spaces.

We also collaborate closely with various trade associations and health insurance funds in programs that round out our in-house measures through their own generous offer of training courses, presentations, workplace wellness programs, and health-screenings.

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Striving for continual improvement
BTOP (photo)

BTOP is the productivity-management system in place at Bilfinger. Its aim is to establish a culture of continual improvement and to encourage each employee to identify further optimization potentials. Since the program’s inception, improvement opportunities have been discovered in many fields, from procurement to service performance and marketing.

Remuneration and ancillary benefits

Bilfinger’s remuneration system is geared towards the requirements of the position, the individual performance, the conditions and competitive environment given in the local market, and to the terms of pay-scale agreements. We make sure that factors such as gender or age are not used as the basis for unfair remuneration.

Managers and employees who occupy key position usually stand to receive a variable compensation component in addition to their base salary as a means of honoring their extraordinary commitment. The scope of this variable component will depend on the company’s current bottom line, on the key performance indicators being used as benchmarks, and on the employee’s specific contribution towards achieving the agreed targets.

In financial year 2018, Bilfinger granted its managers a one-time remuneration package of company shares as a long-term incentive. This is closely tied to our business strategy and is intended to encourage and reward efforts made to lay the foundations for Group-wide profitable growth during the four-year period ending in 2020.

Detailed information on the remuneration system applicable for members of the Executive Board and of the Supervisory Board can be found in the Annual Report.

Bilfinger offers its employees various types of company-sponsored pension plans. In Germany, this frequently takes one of two forms: In the case of an employer-funded pension plan, the employer supplements the employee’s annual salary by paying a fixed annual sum into the employee’s pension account or towards an insurance vehicle. In the case of employee-financed pension plan, employees waive receipt of a portion of their earnings, which are instead paid into their pension account or towards an insurance vehicle.

If an employee faces a serious emergency, then Bilfinger quickly can provide assistance with a minimum of red tape by drawing from a hardship fund set up in 2010. Decisions on how to allocate the fund’s resources are taken by a committee composed of members of the Group Works Council.

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Bilfinger Mobilise

Deployment planning via smartphone
Bilfinger Mobilise (photo)

The Bilfinger Mobilise App was developed by Bilfinger Salamis especially for employees who work on offshore drilling platforms. Using this smartphone App, employees remain continuously abreast of the deployment planning for an upcoming offshore project, while also being able to communicate with one another. Among other things, the App allows them to coordinate their respective work shifts in advance, to schedule appointments, or to exchange information about the lodgings available at the deployment site.

Employee representation

The rights of employees and their statutory rights of co-determination have high priority at Bilfinger. Thus, the executive management engages in ongoing and intensive dialogue with the company’s employees representatives. The members of the Works Councils are invited to participate in personnel decisions and in business-related matters. The collective bargaining agreements they conclude are binding upon all employees within their respective contractual application.

The local Works Councils look after our employees’ interests relevant to our operations. They represent the rights of employees vis-à-vis the management of the local operations, respectively the management of Bilfinger’s investee companies. Issues of relevance to some or all of the German companies in a given service line are addressed by the Works Council responsible for that service line.

Topics that affect all the Group units in Germany are handled by the Group Works Council, while those of relevance to multiple countries in the EU are addressed by the SE Works Council. The duties of the SE Works Council also include appointing the labor representatives who will sit on the Supervisory Board. In accordance with the Gesetz über die Mitbeteiligung der Arbeitnehmer in einer Europäischen Gesellschaft (SEBG, Act on the Co-Determination of Employees in a European Company), half of the Supervisory Board’s Members are labor representatives.