Sustainability Report 2018

Mission and strategy

To us, sustainability means aligning our business activities with economic, environmental, and social demands. This is how we want to contribute to sustainable development while at the same time ensuring we have social license to operate. In all our business decisions, we carefully weigh the needs of our various stakeholder groups.

Tom Blades (quote-portrait)

“To us, sustainability and integrity are two sides of the same coin, given that ethical conduct necessarily entails the assumption of responsibility in economic, ecological, and social terms.”

Tom Blades, CEO Bilfinger SE

We understand sustainability to mean conduct that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This idea of sustainability is based on the definition set out in the published in 1987.

We have firmly anchored the concept of sustainability throughout our company structures – in our Mission Statement, our Code of Conduct, our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, our Group Policies and the voluntary commitments we have made to sustainability-oriented organizations and initiatives. This particularly includes:

Bilfinger Mission Statement

The Bilfinger Mission Statement (graphic)

Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability strategy and the activities developed in this context enable us to make a positive contribution towards the following set by the United Nations:


SDG 4: Quality education (Icon) Expand sdg-info read more
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SDG 4: Quality education (Icon)

SDG 4:
Quality Education

Primarily, we are in the business of providing services. Accordingly, the qualification of our employees is of critical importance to our economic success. We set great store by their sound vocational training or higher education and on their regular participation in continuing education and qualification measures, while making sure we have an effective knowledge-management system in place.

SDG 5: Gender equality (Icon)

SDG 5:
Gender Equality

Gender equality is one of our core values. Each employee, regardless of gender, is afforded the same opportunities when it comes to hiring, promotion, remuneration, and employee development. Discrimination has no place at our company. These principles are enshrined in our Code of Conduct and we expect our suppliers to follow them as well.

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitary facilities (Icon)

SDG 6:
Clean Water and Sanitation

We benefit from our many years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development, renewal, and maintenance of seawater desalination plants. Our technology and the innovations we have developed in-house to optimize the performance level of seawater desalination systems enjoy a sterling reputation on the market. With our services, we contribute to supplying potable water to the population, particularly in the Middle East.

SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy (Icon)

SDG 7:
Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy providers and other utility companies number among our most important customers. They rely on our services over the entire life cycle of their nuclear, coal, hydroelectric, and gas power plants. We ensure a high performance level for these plants while boosting their efficiency and reducing their emissions. In this way, we make a key contribution towards the availability of affordable and clean energy.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth (Icon)

SDG 8:
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Both within our Group and along our supply chain, we actively promote and safeguard human rights, health and safety at the workplace, as well as fair working conditions. Our Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Suppliers serve as the basis for these efforts. Our activities in the core regions of Continental Europe, Northwest Europe, North America, and the Middle East help foster economic development in various regions of the world.

SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure (Icon)

SDG 9:
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Bilfinger is a leading international industrial services provider. With our services, we enhance the efficiency of assets while ensuring a high level of operational availability and reducing maintenance costs. In this way, we contribute to competitiveness in industry, promote modernization and innovation, and foster the evolution of efficient infrastructure in the markets and countries that we serve.

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Brundtland Report
A report published in 1987 by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development
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Corporate Governance Code
Set of rules with recommendations and suggestions for a responsible corporate governance
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German Sustainability Code
Standard for the reporting on non-financial performance, developed by the Council for Sustainable Development
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UN Global Compact
The world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance
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Non-profit organization that collects data and information each year on CO2 emissions, climate risks as well as reduction targets and strategies from companies
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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Targets developed by the United Nations to help secure sustainable development on an economical, ecological and social level
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